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Dear Internet user,

The Federal Police thank you sincerely for all the reports that we have received since 2007.

The online desk eCops is no longer operational. It was closed on 17 July 2015.

If you are looking for information related to missing and/or sexually exploited children, please go to the website of Child Focus through this link.

If while surfing the internet, you have come across images of sexual abuse of children (child pornography), you can report this here.

If you have been the victim of an offence and wish to lodge a complaint, please go to your local police station or the police station of your choice. Further information about the police zones is available here.


To find information or to report infringements concerning the economic legislation, please consult the FPS Economy website, available here.

For news and general tips about online security, you can take a look at the website of

For general police information please go to the website of the Police through this link.

Belgisch overheidsmeldpunt voor internetmisbruik
Point de contact gouvernemental belge sur les abus d'internet
Belgischer Öffentlicher Centralpunkt für Internet-Mißbrauch
Belgian governmental contact point for internet abuse