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Welcome to the Belgian online reporting service

eCops is an online Belgian reporting service to which the Internet user can reportcrimes related to Belgium, committed on or through the Internet.
You needn’t worry about who is qualified for what, eCops makes sure that your report is being investigated by the appropriate service.

Did you end up on a confusing site with misleading information?
Did you receive an unwanted advertisement or a fraudulent proposition through the Internet?
Did you notice child pornography on a website?

Your report may trigger further action by the FPS Economics or by Police and Justice.
Report the facts step by step on the online report form.
Further information on Internet abuse and Internet-related crime can be found

eCops is not an online service for emergency calls to the Belgian Police!

Complaints that do not concern the internet can be posted at

eCops is an initiative from:
The Federal Computer Crime Unit of the Federal Judicial Police (FCCU)
The Federal Public Service Economy, SMEs, Self-employed and Energy.

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